Cosmetic Surgery Case Study

Rainmakers Grew Digital Sales Revenue To €790K

Having just started out on their own, our client had a newly created cosmetic surgery practice.

Established in the field as a cosmetic surgeon they were looking for a digital partner to build out their digital presence online where they knew their competitors were already advertising.

Rather than marketing, they were looking to generate sales and thats where we came in. We were able to project the amount of prospects we could find online and from our existing conversion rates tell our customer how many customers we could convert for them.

About our cosmetic surgeon client

Our cosmetic surgeon client had been  working as part of a larger practice for quite a number of years.

They had decided to branch out on their own and set their business up independently.

They were looking for a solution that could bring them sales revenue with clarity around what they were spending and the revenue generated through it.

About their challenge

Starting a cosmetic surgery business from scratch there was no strategy in place, no website or digital tools in place to generate sales leads.

They werent even aware of who their “bullseye customer” was or how to make sure they were aware of the new business venture.

We were looking at a complete strategy that incorporated their sales revenue goals, developing a digital sales strategy and combining all the digital tools available to generate sales leads.

On developing their digital sales strategy from beginning to end we identified the elements necessary to generate a constant stream of sales enquiries.