Distance Learning Case Study

Rainmakers Grew Digital Sales Revenue By 216%

Already generating sale online, our client had been delivering remote online training services for a number of years.

The lifeblood of the business was a dependable number of digital sign ups each month for distance learning courses.

They struggled with two aspects of the business.

  1. Getting enough prospects to the website
  2. Converting those prospects into e-commerce revenue.

About our distance learning client

Our distance learning client had been established for years as one of the businesses delivering Childcare, Healthcare and BER Courses as well as MBA degrees through their online platform.

They were finding it difficult to grow dependable digital sales year-on-year and get a return for their investment.

They were looking for a provider with a solution that could give them both, dependable increased revenue growth at a cost that gave them a substantial return on their investment.

That’s where Rainmakers came in.

About their challenge

With a sales cycle of  1 month before getting to closed-won status, they needed a healthy number of digital sales grow their business.

They were using a combination of digital tools such as Google Ads and email marketing to bring their prospect to their e-commerce website and using Analytics to report on the number of site visits each month.

Once their prospect came to the website, their prospect searched for the information necessary to make a purchasing decision.

Even though the brought a healthy number of prospects to the website, they seemed to be leaving without purchasing in sufficient numbers to generate the type of  revenue that our client needed.

On reviewing their digital sales strategy from beginning to end, we identified that they were missing aspects from each step of our process.