Our Story

Our Story

"We take the fear, mystery and nonsense out of generating digital sales, and we don't make an industry out of the simple."

Our Vision

One day, businesses will see that generating digital sales revenue can be achieved without fear, mystery and nonsense.

Our Mission

One business at a time, we will show businesses that it is possible to generate dependable sales revenue through digital sales generation.

Our Core Values

Honesty and integrity above all.  Never satisfied with just meeting our targets we strive for improvement.

We Take The Guesswork Out Of Meeting And Beating Your Sales Revenue Targets.

Our Story

Rainmakers were founded in 2010. We started as a digital marketing agency but quickly realised that we were never meant to be marketeers. We were more focused on structure, metrics and data than on the creative side of digital. We instantly saw the opportunity to generate sales revenue through the web.

We moved quickly to stand out as digital sales specialists, rather than marketeers. Believe it or not, the same tools are used for digital marketing and digital sales. At Rainmakers, we leverage the full suite of digital marketing tools to find your prospect, bring them to a sales optimised website and then convert them into revenue. That revenue can be the result of a direct e-commerce product purchase or a sales lead that your team converts into a sale.

To be clear, there are numerous quality digital marketing brands out there that do a great job on getting your brand out on the internet.

That’s not us.

We compare our solution to building a house.

Its pretty much irrelevant which tools the builder uses to build the house. You only talk about the house.

In our world, we don’t talk about clicks, ads, impressions hours, effort or any thing that does’nt relate to the house being build, in our case sales being generated.

"We take the fear mystery and nonsense out of digital sales, by talking in language that business people will understand and we do not make an industry out of the simple"

Our Approach At Rainmaker's

We are totally focused on generating sales revenue through digital sales. We use the latest digital tools to find your prospect at at time they are looking for your product or service. This means we know them, where they hang out, where they buy online, who else they are looking at to solve their problem.

Find The Prospects

We have to be able to find your prospects before we can help. It your prospect goes online to buy products and services then we will find them.

If we cant find your prospect its because they dont go online. 

Data Drives Decisions

We measure every aspect of your prospects journey from the first time they go online searching for your product or service, to their experience on your website.

This data gives you the power to make business decisions that will increase sales revenue generation.

Sales Revenue

We focus on sales revenue and only sales revenue.

Effort and complexity are never discussed in planning or strategy.

Our focus, Prospects, Customers Generating Sales Revenue.

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