Waste Management Case Study

Rainmakers Grew Digital Sales Revenue By 400%

Having always depended on traditional advertising we were approached to see if we could bring additional online sales to the business.

With the challenges of traditional marketing making it difficult for a clear understanding of what actual return they were receiving on their marketing investment, we were perfectly placed to bring clarity to the ROI and quantify the amount of digital sales in advance of their generation.

The old statement, “Half the money i spend on marketing is wasted, I just don’t know which half”, comes to mind on this project.

With the quantifiable and dependable nature of digital sales, we brought clarity to their digital revenue generation through forecasting and measuring the investment versus the sales revenue generation.

This project actually funded its own startup and was able to justify its existence to the current day.

About our waste management client

Our waste mangement client was established for around 30 years at the time we met them. They sold skip hire services to both the public and commercial businesses.

They had grown steadily year-on-year but were unable to increase their sales revenue while gaining true insight of their return on investment.

They were looking for a solution that could bring them clarity and dependability to help them grow their business.

About their challenge

Traditional marketing was vague in its metrics around return on investment and its ability to grow the business year-on-year.

They needed online orders to generate sales revenue they could depend on to grow the business.

They had relied heavily on offline methods of generating sales, and it was quite a leap to go online having seen it burn cash without generating sales for others.

In order to generate digital sales revenue, our client: